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  1. HIV/AIDS treatment and the HIV regimen

    Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS is a persistent and severe condition caused by the human immunodeficiency virus also known as HIV. Primarily, HIV attacks the body immune system and hampers the ability of our bodies to fight organisms that cause disease.

    Since the pandemic struck over thirty years, HIV/AIDS has affected and continue to affect millions of people globally. So far, millions have succumbed to HIV/AIDS while several more are infected. To date, there is no known cure for HIV/AIDS. Nonetheless, there are treatments that help control HIV and enables infected people lead healthy lives.

    Antiretroviral therapy (ART) is the term that is used to treat HIV. ARV uses a combination of medicine to fight HIV infection. Basically, ART is not a cure but only controls the virus. In essence, this affords a person infected not only to lead a much healthier life but also live longer.

    What the HIV regimen or medicines does is it thwarts HIV from reproducing, which decreases the HIV load in our bodies. Less HIV in our bodies gives our immune system a major boost to recover and fight off infections. Additionally, it reduces any chances of transmitting the virus to others ...